Weddings are stressful enough as they are without some jackmo ruining it for everyone. Sometimes its a member of the wedding party that gets bent out of shape because they feel like they are being slighted in some way. Other times a service provider messes up, but the last person you expect to make a scene would certainly be the Pastor, right? Well, the Pastor in the below video was furious with the videographers. How furious? So furious that he told them to move or he would stop the ceremony. My favorite line is, "This is a solemn assembly not a photography session".....wait...what?????

The expression on the faces of the bride and groom pretty pretty much tell you how they feel about it. I think Father Congeniality forgot that someone is PAYING the videographer to capture this moment. He also forgot that same someone is paying him!!! Take a chill pill Reverend and finish the ceremony, then apologize profusely to the bride and groom for your behavior. Check it out...unbelievable.