Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to every year and it's almost here. I was just happily glancing at my closet full of Christmas decorations, yesterday, and trying to figure out a way to convince my husband to go along with putting them up even earlier this year.

Some, in my family, have complained (and by SOME, I mean my husband and sister) that I set up my decorations too early and leave them up way too long. Is March too long? I take the decorations off of the tree. Just the lights are ok, right? It turns into a winter tree. Do you know what I mean? I knew you would understand. They just don't get it.

Last year I told you that Netflix has granted my holiday wish and premiered a Christmas indoor decorating show. The show was hosted by a man born and raised in the Tristate. His name is Benjamin William Bradley and he had been posting little teasers on his social media; yes, I'm a super fan and I stalk him on social media.

It was the best thing in 2020 for me and a lot of people. Here is an interview he did with a TV station.

I loved the show and it is my understanding that we will get a Season 2 of Holiday Home Makeovers with Mr. Christmas, starting in November.

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So, I'm so, so excited to share with you that he will be making an appearance and bring his Christmas decorating cheer to the Tristate.

The Boonville Merchant's Association has been keeping a big secret. "Mr. Christmas" himself, Ben Bradley, is coming home for the holidays. He will oversee the holiday festivities at Christmas in Boonvillage.  He will be in town Friday, December 3 through Sunday, December 5 to help downtown Boonville, IN celebrate Christmas.

Ben will light the town square, judge the storefront Christmas decorating contest, and the ugly sweater contest. He will also be the celebrity guest in the 75th annual Christmas parade, which, by the way, is the longest consecutive running parade in the state of Indiana.

I can't wait for this! I'm hoping to get an on-air interview with him while he is in town. Cross your fingers.


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