Many times in my life, even in my youth, I struggled with loving myself. Most, if not all women struggle with that multiple times during a lifetime. It's hard for me to look in the mirror and love the natural me. Everyday I fill myself with doubt about my appearance. I even joke abut it on the air.

I look at myself and I see everything that society has told me is unattractive. I see frizzy and dry hair, moles, wrinkles, acne and acne scares, sun damage, cracked and aging lips, neck rings, double chin, and dark circles. I better stop before I make myself cry over the negative judgement I inflict on my imperfect self.

That's the problem, I focus on the negative, not the positive. I use makeup and my long hair to hide my imperfections. Now, I'm trying to do more of is focus on the positive. My imperfections make me, ME. Every laugh line and sun damage scare can be traced back to an incredible time in my life. Why am hiding the things that make me unique? Why am I hiding my true self? Every mark makes me beautiful.

In a rare photo, that is difficult to post, here I am, real and raw. #BeautyMarks

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

I decided to really focus more on what is inside. Make peace with myself and start a loving relationship with myself after seeing this tweet from R&B artist Ciara.

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