Applebee's just announced its Neighborhood Drink Of The Month for December called the Dollar Jolly. The name is very fitting too because it is a Jolly Rancher flavored drink for only one dollar!

90's kids will surely be rushing to Applebee's to try out this new drink. You can get the Dollar Jolly in one of two Jolly Ranchers flavors: Green Apple or Cherry flavor. Or you can try both. It's only two dollars, so why not?!


So what's in the Dolly Jolly drinks? According to Applebee's, these drinks consist of "Vodka & cherry or green apple Jolly Rancher flavor served with a Jolly Rancher hard candy" and each drink comes in a nice 10 oz. mug. These drinks will only be available throughout the month of December, so get them while you can!

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