Although social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have the potential to be a place for friends and family to share their lives with each other, there is a limit to what we REALLY want to know. Here some things we would rather NOT see.

1. What you are serving or having for dinner! You must remember that what you are eating, like your 50 plus vacation pics are a '...had to be there' kinda thing. Leave your menu of deliciousness off of your social media, it doesn't look or taste as good as it does when it's sitting in front of your empty belly, on your plate.

2. Injury pics!! We can't think of anytime that it would be a good idea to show off your blooding, dangling finger, after you have injured yourself cleaning fish you caught while fishing with your kids. PLEASE! It is shocking and nauseating for anyone who is not a medical professional, which by the way, is most is not ALL of your fiends.

3. Political views. Ok, we get it, you are passionate about your political affiliation. But, please, social media is NOT the place to air it. We all have our own views and opinions, some are popular and some are not. If you really want to help make a difference, put your Facebook status and Tweets where your mouth is and get out into your community and WORK to make the kind of change YOU want to see.

4. The drama in your life! Unfortunately, drama happens in all of our lives. Sometimes it's very hard to deal with. We often find ourselves in a battle with a friend, peer, ex-spouse, sibling, parents, kids, etc. And, to us it's all consuming. But, to everyone else, it's only a stressful reminder of what we ourselves are trying to resolve in our own lives. Airing your dirty laundry on social media will only make things worse. What you should do is deal with your bad situations and negative feelings on a personal level. Stop trying to tear  others apart by gathering your FB friends, Twitter followers and Intagram fans on your side. There doesn't need to be a side, Seek help from a professional, or a trusted friend, But, most importantly move on from the situation, hopefully, eventually, forgive.


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