I absolutely love the Wizard of Oz! As a child I would watch it, once a year, (there was no DVR or DVDs), at Christmas time. That is when is was aired on TV. I remember being petrified of the Witch and her flying monkeys. And, crying right along with Dorothy, toward the end, when she had to say goodbye to her friends.

Ironically, I would grow up to direct the musical version, on stage, at Princeton Community High School. It was remains one of my favorite shows. I had the perfect cast. My flying monkeys even flew through the auditorium on roller blades and skateboards, a real Toto on stage and over 100 elementary school Munchkins. It was AWESOME!!

When I heard about this theme park, I got really excited.

This summer, guests can take a summer “Journey with Dorothy” tour on Thursdays and Fridays in June, as well as Wednesday, June 26 and Friday, July 5, according to the park’s website. As part of the 45-minute tour, guests are led by Dorothy Gale herself down the yellow brick road through the Land of Oz, and some guest may even be randomly selected to play one of the film’s beloved


After being closed for many years, the park opens back up for two limited engagements each year. One is in June, the other, in the Fall, take a look.

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