During a recent interview with the Evansville Courier & Press, former Indianapolis Colts linebacker, and restaurateur, Gary Brackett, revealed an interest in expanding his Indianapolis-based chain of restaurants, Stacked Pickle, into the Evansville area if he can find a local franchisee. Let's say for argument's sake Brackett does find someone locally interested in bringing the sports bar-themed restaurant to our corner of the state. Where could it go? I have a few ideas.


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With plans having been discussed for a multi-purpose facility where the vacant lot currently sits at the corner of 2nd and Sycamore Streets, an established restaurant like Stacked Pickle could be a strong anchor for the development. Plus, Brackett is familiar with Cunningham Restaurant Group who is responsible for bringing BRU Burger to the same lot.

Burkhardt Road

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The Promenade is already seeing a few businesses stake their claim in the acreage on Burkhardt Road with Academy Sports and The Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market already thriving in lot between Columbia Street and Oak Grove Road. With plans to make the area a premiere residential, business, and entertainment district, the Stacked Pickle could do quite well.

Green River Road

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The building once occupied by Nieto's Mexican Grill in front of Eastland Mall has sat vacant for years since that establishment went out of business, and could be the perfect location if Brackett and his team are looking for their own stand-alone building.

West Side

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As the west side continues to grow, well, west, and area like Pearl Drive with a store-front facing the Lloyd Expressway would be a highly-visible area, as well as an already established destination with consistent traffic. Plus, it's close to USI which will appeal to students.

Northern Vanderburgh County

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This could be a bit of a risk, but the area around the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds has grown tremendously over the years as more and more residents move to the northern part of the county thanks in large part to the employment opportunities the Toyota plant provides. CVS, Wendy's, Schnucks, Roca Bar, and others obviously believe in the area's potential with established locations, and if there's one thing we know about we Evansville residents, we don't mind a bit of a drive if the food is worth it.

Is there an area I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

- Ryan O'Bryan