Over the 12 days until Christmas,  I'll be revealing some of my favorite commercials of this Christmas Season. Many bring back memories from my childhood, while others touch my heart with themes of my life today. All are amazing.

The relationship between a father and daughter is very special. I always knew, growing up, that my dad had my back. He was the one I wanted to hold me when I was sick, heart broken or just plan bummed. My dad always supported me by attending everything I was involved in during school, all of the theatrical  endeavors in college, and all of my show I director or performed in when I was an adult. He is and always has been my biggest cheerleader. Always telling me how proud he is of me.

I never really thought about what it was like for him when I left home to live my own life and follow my own dreams. He never showed any sadness, just a huge smile on his face when he would see me get out of the car as ai was coming home for a visit. There were many times he went out of his way just to spend a little time with me.

This commercial gave me all the feels. The father, in this commercial, shows his daughter that he supports her as she flies away into her future,

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