Over the 12 days until Christmas,  I'll be revealing some of my favorite commercials of this Christmas Season. Many bring back memories from my childhood, while others touch my heart with themes of my life today. All are amazing.

A mother's relationship with her son is a very special one. I have two son's that I am so blessed and proud to have been placed in my life. Our early moments were filled with snuggles, laughing and kisses, while the school age years were filled with long talks, comforting hugs and some slamming doors. As they have grown up to become men, I miss my little boys and will tearfully reminisce about dancing with Mason for every nap time, and napping with Hayden, his feet always needing to always touch me.

I read that mothering a son is like meeting the love of your life that, over the course of twenty or so years, breaks up with you very slowly. That is so true. You are never ready to let them go, yet you know you must. What you keep with you are the incredible memories of a love like no other. This ad from GAP shows the moments where the love of a mother and son changes but never dies.


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