Over the 12 days until Christmas,  I'll be revealing some of my favorite commercials of this Christmas Season. Many bring back memories from my childhood, while others touch my heart with themes of my life today. All are amazing.

I remember the moment I thought my parents were cool. It was during a New Year's Eve party in the early 70's. Music was playing, they got up and started doing the Jitterbug that, as the music changed, evolved into a really cool disco dance. At that point, I had taken dance for serval years. So, in that moment, I not only thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen them do, but It connected us though mutual talents. My dad was the true dancer. He would lead my mom around the dace floor like a seasoned professional.  He was obviously the reason I was a good dancer.

Since then, I have wondered if, like me, he had a private ream of becoming a dancer. Maybe, he had. I know that when WE would dance together, the dream becomes reality of both of us. Will kill it. Just like this father and daughter.


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