Evansville's Young & Established is at it once again, leading the charge on educating, encouraging, and empowering area youth, and this time they have partnered with Ivy Tech Community College.

Culinary Creations

Ivy Tech Community College, located on North First Avenue in Evansville, is home to a fully furnished, industrial hospitality kitchen and the college has partnered with Evansville-based youth organization, Young & Established to give area youth the opportunity to learn to cook.

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Lessons Beyond the Kitchen

Not only will the partnership between Ivy Tech and Young & Established provide the opportunity for kids to learn about things like meal planning, nutrition, and healthy food choices, but also other skills that will carry over into other areas of their lives - both in school and out in the real world. According to Young & Established,

Children will learn lifetime skills by practicing basic math skills such as counting, weighing, measuring, and tracking time. They also gain social skills by working together and communicating in the kitchen. Plus, teaching the youth how to cook is an opportunity to teach nutrition education like planning meals and making smart food choices.


Young & Established via Facebook

Working with a Chef

In addition to the use of the industrial hospitality kitchen at Ivy Tech, kids from Young & Established will be learning under the tutelage of Chef Stanley Trice III. Trice is a graduate of Ivy Tech. In a statement on Facebook, the college says,

Ivy Tech Community College Evansville is excited to partner with Young & Established to offer youth at their after-school program a chance to learn about cooking! The program was announced today and this was the kids' first trip and they were loving it! Chef and Ivy Tech grad Stanley Trice III will be leading them as they gain skills week after week!


More About Young & Established

Young & Established is the brainchild of Founder and Executive Director, Courtney Johnson.  Y&E is an amazing organization that operates with a sort of three-fold mission to mentor, develop, and lead the youth in our community.

<p>Young &amp; Established exists for the betterment of the community, primarily through the inspiration and motivation of youth, but additionally by developing and participating in various activities and events focused on addressing today’s challenges.</p><p>Y&amp;E strives to be a leading organization that actively promotes positive youth empowerment. It is the passionate desire of the Young &amp; Established movement for youth and young adults to realize their self-worth and potential, establish and reach goals, become successful members of their communities, and to fulfill their dreams!</p><p> </p>


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