The holiday season brings so many awesome things into our lives. Everyone just seams happier. Maybe, it's the buying gifts for those you love. Maybe it's all of the Christmas music and decorations Or, it just might be all of the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies. I'm going with that.

I have not tried to hide the fact that I absolutely love the cheesy romantic, sappy lovey dovey, heavily decorated Christmas movies. They fill me with peace and joy. Yes, they have basically the same story lines with various towns, characters, actors (sometimes) and...well that's about all they have that differs.  They are really all the same when you get down to the bare bones,

I think that's why I love them so much. My heart yearns for love at Christmas. It's a time of kisses under the mistletoe, special gifts and Christmas miracles, of the falling in love kind. They make me happy. My husband says when I watch them, I smile the entire time.

Another thing I love, although a little over the top, are the Christmas decorations. Every house and business, in every town, on every street, in every room, are completely decked out in crazy Christmas decorations. It's as if everyone is totally in the holiday spirit and has an unlimited budget for decorating.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't decorate  every room in my house. We just decorate the family room, living room and dining room. When the kids were little, they each had their own time tree to decorate, but that was the extent of it. The house in the movies have each bedroom, each bathroom and even the kitchen.

I wish I had enough money and talent to decorate my house like they do in the Christmas movies. I guess for now, in the mean time, I'll have to make a reservation  to stay at this VRBO in Connecticut. How holiday romantic would this be? Here is how I think a Lifetime Christmas movie might play out in this house.

House That Looks Like the Set of A Christmas Movie Inside and Out

Here is the real deal on this holiday house. (not my made up tv movie LOL)

According to VRBO,

We hope everyone has a chance to fa-la-la-la this holiday season, but these stays are recommended only for guests within driving distance.


Escape 2020 and spend time inside the candy-cane sweetness of a Lifetime holiday movie.


For a lucky few, this holiday season is about get extra magical. This vacation home has taken Lifetime’s holiday movie formula and brought it to life, for your very own extra special holiday getaway. Cue Christmas trees, wreaths, fake snow, twinkle lights on top of more twinkle lights, a Santa letter writing station, a backyard polar bear lodge, a gingerbread house selfie station, and more. It also incorporates specific elements from this year’s Lifetime movie lineup, including a giant nutcracker from A Welcome Home Christmas, a do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit inspired by A Sugar & Spice Holiday, and a special Christmas train set from Feliz Navidad. No Lifetime-inspired home would be complete without the movies themselves, so if you book this vacation home you and your crew will also be able to watch all 30 Lifetime holiday movies on repeat during your stay.

Sounds amazing!!

Live your own romantic Christmas story by booking a stay at this gorgeous holiday home through VRBO.


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