You can send someone an ACTUAL puppy or kitten for a cuddle session this Valentines day, and it helps out the VHS!


Today Vanderburgh Humane Society made a HUGE announcement! They are doing something super special for Valentines day, and in my opinion it really is the perfect gift!

You can send your special someone CUDDLES! Puppy, kitten, or bunny cuddles. VHS will show up at their office with a puppy, a kitten, or a bunny, a baloon, a card, and a box of chocolates. Now THIS is the perfect Valentines day gift! The best part is in purchasing this gift for a loved one, you are also supporting the VHS!

They also are doing specials for people who want to propose (which hello, cutest proposal EVER).

Now excuse me while I go die over how cute this is!! And also I will be accepting cuddle grams (preferably in the form of puppy because those are my personal favorite) all February long, if you know, you wanted to...oh I don't know show your favorite Radio DJ some love?  Or maybe just send this to my husband. Hey Sam, I made Valentines Day easy for you this year! ;)

Happy cuddling!!


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