This is genius! It's like Airbnb, but for swimming pools!

Have you ever seen someone's pool and were extremely jealous? Did you ever wish that you could just borrow it for a day? Well, now you can! This is especially useful when most public pools this year are closed as a result of COVID-19 concerns.


There's a new app and website called Swimply that allows owners of private pools to rent them out to people who are looking for a nice place to swim.

The concept is simple. People rent out their pools at an hourly rate, and people who are looking to take a swim can search Swimply's database for pools that are available to rent in their area.

According to Today, pool owners charge an hourly rate of around $45. This may change depending on the location, timing, and of course the demand. Pool owners can also set up mandatory pool rules such as how many people are allowed in the pool at one time, if alcohol is allowed, pet policy, and even if you're allowed to play loud music.

This just makes me wish that I had a pool. It sounds like an easy way to make a little extra cash in the summer. Imagine how much money you could rake in!!

Here's the thing: Swimply is currently available in 26 states. I did a search on their website, and Indiana is one of those states. However, it looks like the closest pool to the Evansville area is in Vincennes, Indiana. Hopefully someone reading this owns a pool and wants to add to that list. If you have a pool, want to make some extra money, and are comfortable with renting it out, I would take advantage of this!

You can find out more about Swimply by clicking here.


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