If you have ever had a fire place, you know how awesome it is to sit in front of a warm fire, snuggle into a blanket and stare at the flames. It's so peaceful. I don't have fireplace now and I miss having those cozy moments.

If you have a fireplace, you also know how hard it can be to start a good, safe fire. From cutting the firewood, and storing the wood to bringing the logs in the house when it's cold outside, it's a pain in the butt. And, depending on whether the logs are damp to not, the wood can be very smoky. Maybe, I just had a crappy ventilation system. I don't know, but the logs always seemed a little too smoky and poppy. We had several hot coals pop out and land on our carpet and flooring. I didn't feel like it worth it until I found Dura-flame logs.

On cold evenings, it was so nice to just unwrap the the ready made, eco friendly log and light it up. The logs were safe and made perfect flames. The logs usually burned up to 3 hrs and were very easy to clean up. When we went to the store we always made sure we stocked up.

The fires burned clean so they really didn't have a strong, smokey smell. At the time, I never dreamed that one day, the logs could make the house smell like I am a good cook.

Walmart is now selling a Kentucky Fried Chicken Firelog that smells like the 11 herbs and spices we have grown to love.


What is my husband going to think when he come home and there's no friend chicken. LOL. I can see him getting out of his truck, smelling the wonderful and satisfying aroma of KFC, only to come into the house and see me, in front of the fire, with a cup of tea. Oh, well. maybe he will take me out to get some fried chicken. I'll let you know.

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