You and your friends take take road trips all of the time now with these air fresheners.

 There's a website called Firebox, and they offer many things that you can personalize. Including the aforementioned air fresheners with your friends' faces on them.

Now, I have been on road trips with my best friends before, and let me tell you, the scent that they can give off at times is not something that I would like to smell in my truck all of the time. I have to buy air fresheners just to get their stench out! Luckily, these air fresheners don't smell like the bodily odor that your friends release.

These Fresh Face air fresheners come in several scents: Fresh Lenin, Island Breeze, New Car, Coffee, and the one that would most accurately represent my friends, Bacon.

I created air fresheners for my three friends, and this would be almost as scary as seeing red and blue lights when you look at your rear view mirror!

Travis Sams / FireBox
Travis Sams / FireBox


For $19.99, you can get a set of three air fresheners. Each one can have a different friend's face, or you can make them all the same image. Granted, they are more expensive than regular air fresheners, but you can't put a price on friendship, right? So if you're interested in getting some of these fancy air fresheners, click the button below to create and purchase your own.

Want to customize more things with your friends' faces on them? Click here for more ideas!

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