A person can drive their self crazy cupped up in a house for days at a time. You have to have your own way to "escape". My "escape" is fishing.

There's nothing like getting outside by a lake a casting a line. Even better, casting a line on a lake while sitting in your kayak. That's social distancing at it's finest!

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

After Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb declared the Stay-At-Home Order, I was wondering if I would even be able to fish. It's that time of year where the fish are beginning to bite. Grocery stores have limited items on the shelves, so why not catch a mess of fish for a fish fry? It only makes sense.

So I did what any fisherman (or woman) would do. I tweeted Indiana DNR to find out if folks can still fish under the Indiana Stay-At-Home Order. Thankfully, DNR replied quickly.

Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife also commented on the issue of fishing as well.


There you have it. You can still go fishing in Indiana, as long as you practice social distancing. Which, for most people who enjoy fishing, shouldn't be a problem.

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