Summer is the perfect time to clear your clutter with a yard/garage sale. Or, add to your clutter by visiting these treasure troves of savings. Now, there are free apps and other ways to help you with your summertime, frugal fun!

USA Today put out a list of some really helpful apps that will save you some serious money in less time.

Garage sale, yard sale old unwanted items and utensils.
Garage sale, yard sale old unwanted items and utensils.

Another app you might find helpful is the Yard Sale Treasure Map! This app will help you map out your route and, if having a yard sale, put your sale on the map.

If going from yard sale to yard sale isn't your thing, you can still find some really great stuff through Facebook. The Facebook Marketplace offers basically, a categorized list of items for sale in a designated radius. Just go to your mobile FB page and look at the top middle for your newsfeed. There, you will find a ton of stuff, some a little strange, that you can buy/sell though FB and FB Messenger.

Facebook also offers pages like Evansville Buy Sell Trade where you can buy and post locally as well.

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