It's used in our clothes, sports, cars, health care and many other things we use in our daily lives. During the pandemic, we used more of it than we have ever used it before. What is it? Rubber.

Rubber, or latex, is a natural resource that comes from rubber trees. It is super tough, very flexible and waterproof. Rubber is so important to the us that it was included on a list of the worlds critical raw materials. Disease, climate change and low prices of the commodity are seriously affecting the world's rubber supply. Scientists are now rushing to find a solution because the supply is not enough for the world demand. 

Synthetic rubber is an option and can be produced from petrochemicals. But, there is a big problem with made made rubber, it's not as strong as the natural rubber and tends to rip very easily. When it comes to medial and contraceptive uses, this is not good.

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We use SO much rubber; an estimated 20 million tons per year. When you consider just how much we use and all of the very important things we use hat are made of rubber, this a serious worldwide problem

Everyday Uses of Natural Rubber

Learn more about this problem and how it may affect our future. HERE.


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