Last week, I was on vacation at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. The vacation itself was pretty good with 15 of us sharing a beach house that included five children under the age of 10 and three moody teenagers. We had our moments, but overall it was good until some unwanted visitors swam up to join the fun at the beach that brought back memories of "Jaws.”

I was born and raised at the beach in California and I cannot recall one instance where we had to evacuate the water because of a shark. That is exactly what happened on our very first day at the beach. It was almost surreal because it wasn't just one shark, but several and this was a problem everyday of the week. In other words, this was not an isolated incident, but rather the norm according to the lifeguards.

The picture you see above was one of the sharks that wandered into out area...what you don't see is my 8-year-old son Evan and my wife Lisa who are just out of the frame less than eight feet away from this particular hungry predator... very scary, even scarier than an entire week with the in-laws... yikes!


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