Every time that I drive into Henderson from Evansville, I always ask myself the same question. "Why is this sign still up?!"

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This sign has been up for years...even though Jerry's has been out of business well over 10 years...probably more. I can remember eating at Jerry's restaurant when I was a kid. When I see that sign, it brings back fond memories of eating at the one in Henderson, as well as the Jerry's that used to be in Oakland City. Both locations are now Denny's restaurants.

I always wonder if someone sees that sign, gets super excited to visit a place like that, only to get let down when they find out that it has been out of business for years. False advertisement at it's finest, right? I honestly couldn't find the answers as to why that sign is still standing. But am I the only one who wonders the same thing every time I pass by it?

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