UPDATE: Late Tuesday West  Virginia reported it's first case of Coronavirus when a person in the Eastern Panhandle reported positive. This area is close to Washington DC.

At the time of this posting every State in the US except one has reported cases of Coronavirus.  Only West Virginia has not reported an active case. This may appear amazing considering the Mountain State is one of the poorest.

The poverty in West Virginia may be the reason no cases have been reported.  I believe that reported is the key word. West Virginia ranks third from the bottom in poverty in the US just below New Mexico and Louisiana.

All of my Grandparents came from the state and I visited there many times. Now, part of West Virginia called the "Panhandle" sticks out close to Washington D.C. and is even the home to many US government commuters in DC but the mountainous parts of the state are very poor.  So poor that many folks can't afford to see a doctor. There will be cases eventually reported. At the time of this posting 84 people in the state have been tested and 80 came back negative with four results still pending. The population of the state is 1.8 million. Compare this to Indiana which has tested 159 people with 30 positive reports out of a population of 6.15 million.

West Virginia has a population older than the average and a serious opioid problem. A large part of the population also suffers from health problems such as black lung that make them susceptible to Coronovirus. The state has been singled out as a prime target for the virus but so far has dodged the bullet. Maybe the mountain folks are just a hardy lot that can fight off the COVID-19. My prayers are with all my distant kin folks that still live there.

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