I have often vented about the ridiculously sexy (not a good way) Halloween costumes for women. I find myself asking, 'WHY does everything have to be sexy....Sexy Elmo, Sexy Wrigley's Gum, Sexy Spongebob, Sexy Nun, (TOTALLY OFFENSIVE) or Sexy Girl Scout?WHAT?

Now, you know I'm all about the sexy, but REALLY? Come on.

 Here a few more RIDICULOUS Halloween costumes.  Thank you, Twitter. 




See what I mean?

I remember taking our ten year old bonus daughter, who was too big for kids costumes, Halloween costume shopping and there was nothing BUT sexy costumes. She was embarrassed to even look. I think the Sexy Deer costume was enough for her, we went home and made a costume.

So, please just STOP it with the sexy, EVERYTHING, costumes. It's not that way for men. Everything doesn't have to be sexy.



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