The answer to the title question is of course, MONEY! Even the most casual of football fans are only too familiar with the issues facing the NFL right now and the lack of action by the league and some teams with regard to domestic violence and potential child abuse. It was yesterday afternoon that Anheuser-Busch expressed their disappointment with regard to how these issues are being addressed, which is significant because the tone indicated the beer mogul might be re-evaluating the advertising money they spend with the NFL.

There has been speculation for days about if and when advertisers might step forward and take a stand. Anheuser-Busch spends about $200 million per year with the NFL, which really got everyone's attention. Radisson Hotels 'suspended' their sponsorship deal with the Minnesota Vikings in light of the Adrian Petersen situation and how he disciplines his children, two of whom have been injured.

My question is why did it take Anheuser-Busch to force Roger Goodell and the NFL to take action that should have been taken long ago? Why isn't the seriousness of the crimes enough to get their attention, which it certainly should? I know it is all about the money and that is how society works today....if you want to get someone's attention, hit 'em where it hurts....IN THE WALLET!  I get that, but by the same token, I DON'T get it, especially when it comes to the issues at hand, domestic violence and potential child abuse.

It should be noted that no advertiser has actually pulled any money off the table....YET.  But they could.....maybe. That will get the NFL's attention and that's my problem with this. Where was all this 'action' when these stories broke in the first place?

I applaud Anheuser-Busch for speaking out.  Someone had to, and their voice is a loud one, make no mistake about that.  I just wish that Roger Goodell, the NFL, and the individual teams involved would have had the guts to do the right thing when they should have.

Why is doing the right thing only important when doing the right thing will cost you money? One thing is clear....the NFL botched this from the beginning and the perception that the league really didn't get the seriousness of the situation is accurate and fair. The league's reaction to Anheuser-Busch and Radisson's actions are proof of that.

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