There is a new quiz trending online that matches you up with your "Country Music Spirit Animal." This could be very interesting for some of us... created this short quiz yesterday. It's pretty simple. You answer questions in eight different categories, and then they tell you what country star is your match.  For example, one category is "What kind of food do you like?"  And then you choose either pasta, tacos, salad, pizza, beer, or steak.

Food...that's my kind of quiz. So of course I had to take it. After I had answered the questions, my "spirit animal" was revealed to be...

George Strait
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

GEORGE STRAIT...that's right, my "Country Music Spirit Animal" is King George. Why? Because apparently: "You're a classic. You're an old soul with a classy sophistication that will never go out of style." That's not the first time I have heard that I am an old soul. So, maybe this thing is pretty accurate. Try it out for yourself!



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