Caves are dark, cold, and damp, three things that make them already unsettling places, add in a notorious haunting, and it can make a cave feel even more unnerving.

Most Haunted Caves in the Country

Let's be honest, it's so cool to explore a cave, but being inside a cave can also feel very unsettling.  Caves are often cold, damp, and dark, so it can already feel a bit unnerving when you step inside.  Even when on a guided tour of a cave, it can just be a little bit eerie. Now add in the fact that many caves around the United States have terrifying legends surrounding them, and that's a recipe for a chilling adventure.  Just look at this list of the most haunted caves in the country from Love to Know, and this one from Sierra Club.  Both of those lists their own version of the most haunted cave in the country, and one Tennessee cave made both lists.


Tennesee's Bell Witch Cave

About 40 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee sits the city of Adams. One thing that Adams is known for is a legendary haunting that dates back more than two centuries. The legend surrounds the Bell Witch and the havoc she once wreaked upon a Tennessee family.  Legend has it she still haunts the nearby cave.

The Legend of the Bell Witch

The Bell Witch Cave is said to be inhabited by the infamous Bell Witch, a spirit who tormented a farmer and his family in the early 1800s. The lore of the Bell Witch says that she vowed to return to the area, and according to many locals and paranormal investigators, she has made good on that promise and returned to the area.

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Legend says farmer, John Bell, and his family were tormented by the Bell Witch for years at their Tennessee home. The legend goes on to say that she took responsibility for John Bell's death which made Tennessee the only state to recognize a death due to the supernatural.  Over the years the Bell Witch Cave has played host to many curious tourists and offers tour options if you're brave enough.  Even Ghost Adventures has made a stop in Tennessee to attempt to catch a glimpse of the Bell Witch.

Bell Witch Cave Soon Opens for 2024 Season

If the legend of the Bell Witch and the idea of a haunted cave intrigues you, then get ready, because the Bell Witch Cave will open on May 4th for the season. Starting May 4th, the Bell Witch Cave will be open on weekends all summer long.

  • Open 10am-5pm on weekends (Sat/Sun) in May.  Last tour starts at 5pm.
  • Open 10am-5pm Wed-Sun in June, July, and August.
  • Open 10am-5pm Fri-Sun in September until the 27th.
  • Sept. 29th-Oct 31st-See “October at the BWC’ under ‘Plan Your Visit’ for hours.

The Bell Witch Cave offers guided tours, and lantern tours, and hosts fun events throughout the year for folks to come out and enjoy.  You can learn more about the Bell Witch Cave and the upcoming season's events, here. 

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