Every fisherman has their "story" about their great catch. They either caught or they ALMOST caught the biggest fish ever. It just so happens that I have a fishing story that is so rare that I have to call it the 'best fishing story ever'.

After posting a story yesterday about a little boy who was reeling in a big fish, only to have it stolen by an alligator, I was reminded of my crazy fishing story. The only bad part about this story is that it always causes an argument between my best friend DJ and myself....after watching this video, you'll see why.

Long story short, a fish drug my pole in the water, an hour later, DJ gets a bite. He reels it in only to see another pole coming out of the water...MY pole! Attached to MY pole was the same fish who took it under water. I reeled it in and took it off of the hook. Ever since then, we argue over who actually caught the fish. You can be the judge on who actually caught the fish and help us solve this debate.




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