I saw this commercial the other day, and I thought I was watching a parody show.  Considering how rediculous the Snuggies looked, but how many of those stupid things sold, why not make these products look as dumb as possible.  Let's face it, the Forever Lazy is just a pair of the old school pajamas with the butt flap.  I'm not saying they aren't practical, but "partying it up with friends" and being "the talk of the next tailgate" were not the first phrases that came to mind when I saw this onsie for adults.  But, maybe these people are geniuses.  Maybe the cheesy way this ad is produced will inspire college theme parties and team logoed "Lazies" just like the Snuggies...and let's face it, they are a lot easier to deal with and wear.  OK, I'm convinced...I'm buying one.  It's comfy, and everybody loves comfies!

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