Mother's Day is right around the corner and for the most part, mothers are the cornerstone of most of our lives. Mom's value to us emotionally is priceless, but what about the worth of being a stay-at-home mom in terms of economics? You might think that women in the workforce would command  more respect and higher salaries....not so fast. TIME magazine recently compiled some data from as to what the salary might be for stay-at-home moms and given all of the responsibilities, the salary figure sounds pretty good.

According to the figures, stay-at-home moms work an average of 94.7 hours a week which is way more than the hours of a standard workday. The duties range from nurse to short order cook to psycholgist, which on the open market, could command as much as $17.80 per hour, which would equal about $112,962 per year....not too bad.

Working moms by comparison would see a 'mom salary' of about $67,000 per year at about 60 hours of work around the house per week on top of her outside the home paying job.

To be fair, most moms see no value in these type of  'mom's worth estimate' studies. In fact, Suzanne Lucas of CBS Money Watch thinks these studies are absurd to the point of saying they make her want to "gag and contemplate stabbing my eyeballs out so I don't have to read the whole thing." Lucas has two kids ages 4 and 8 and works part-time.

Lucas hates these types of studies because moms aren't the only ones who do laundry, cook and clean around the house. Lucas says it's a stretch to put mom duties in the same category as corporate CEO or psychologist. Lucas also finds it insulting to even attempt to put a dollar figure on being a parent.

Be that as it may, what mothers give their children and families has a value that could NEVER be measured in any way, shape or form, monetarily or otherwise...dads too by the way.