Diehard Washington Redskins fan Kimberly Lewis posted a very teary, almost hysterical video about attending Redskins training camp in hopes of securing at least one autograph, only to leave empty handed without a single autograph. This video is so outrageously ridiculous, some thought it was certainly a fake, which it wasn't, as confirmed by numerous sources. Lewis is pregnant and wanted nothing more than to secure one player signature and it didn't even have to be R.G. III. Lewis got there early in the morning and stayed until late in the day. Her over-the-top crying and uncontrollable sobbing can probably be blamed on being pregnant and the raging hormones.

A Dallas Cowboys fan decided to make a response to the video using his three young sons, who actually attended Cowboys camp. They came away with tons of autographs and other signed mementos, the polar opposite of what Lewis received.

The boys are crying, (staged of course), over all of the autographs and souvenirs they received. Dad is is obviously behind the camera and the boys really pull this off well. Dad even gets in a little dig at the end about the difference between Cowboys fans and Redskins fans....completely hilarious. See both videos below.