Right now, we are all about cleaning. Don't get me started on why this seems to be a new thing that's trending. I never thought cleaning was optional.

Anyway, even though we live with an attitude that more is better, that usually isn't the case, especially when combing household products. Just because one product cleans and another products does too, doesn't mean they should be combined for a double good clean. Some combinations are very dangerous and should be avoided.

Here are some common household products that you don't ever want to mix with bleach.

  • vinegar and bleach - will release toxic gas that could produce chemical burns to your eyes and lungs.
  • ammonia and bleach - inhaling the vapors could cause respiratory damage and throat burns.
  • rubbing alcohol and bleach - (makes chloroform) mix might damage your nervous system, eyes, lungs, skin, liver, and kidneys. Extremely high levels may result in death, lower levels could result in dizziness and nausea.
  • hydrogen peroxide and bleach - in a closed container it creates oxygen gas that can cause an explosion.

There are many other harmful household product combinations you should never mix. Find them HERE. Safety first.

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[SOURCE: Good Housekeeping/Buzzfeed]

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