A couple of weeks ago we asked how you feel about the robots working at Woodman's, and we got mixed opinions. Some people said they love them, some people said they are creepy, and others don't seem to care either way. I for one, am not a big fan of robots. They look weird and I don't like that they are taking jobs away from actual humans,  but I know I have to get over it because they will likely become a big part of our everyday lives sooner rather than later.

Are Robotic Waiters The Next Big Thing for Restaurants?

Now that I have admitted that I am not a fan of walking down a grocery aisle beside a robot, I will say that I don't think I'll be as weirded out by a robot serving my food at a restaurant. Let's see what you think...

According to FOX 32 Chicago, a new restaurant called The X Pot opened in the city's South Loop back in October of 2021. This new hot pot restaurant not only delivers a unique dining experience but all the food is served by robotic waiters!

Before I get to the robot serving staff, let's clarify what a hot pot restaurant is for those (me) that don't know. Here's what you can expect at a hot pot restaurant according to foodbeast.com;

Hot pot is a communal eating experience, thought to have been invented in Eastern Asia, in which patrons order different ingredients to boil inside of a large simmering pot of broth, which is placed on the center of their table.

Ok, I could be on board for this, but what about the robotic waiters?


I went to The X Pot Chicago's Facebook to see if I could find a video featuring these robots, and this is really this is as close as I could find...(don't blink or you might miss them).

Woah. There's a whole lot of awesome going on there, right?

Besides having a robotic waitstaff, The X Pot also features what looks to be remarkable food AND a 5-D dining experience. Check this out...

I'm pretty sure I would be too fascinated watching a whale swim next to my table to even eat my food, but if you want to try it for yourself The X Pot is located in the Roosevelt Collection Shops at 1147 S Delano Court East in the South Loop of Chicago. You can make reservations now, here.  (FYI, The X Pot also has a location in Las Vegas if you're going there anytime soon).

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