It's Saturday morning and maybe you are waking up to the smell of bacon & eggs cooking in the kitchen and what an awesome smell that is. What if you could wake up to the smell of fresh sizzling bacon every morning on your iPhone? Well, now you can thanks to the folks at Oscar Mayer and their ridiculously awesome new app. The company offers a free downloadable app that gives you the sound of sizzling bacon, but they haven't stopped there. They have also created a device that connects to your iPhone that will also give you the actual scent of sizzling bacon...WHOA!

The scent device is not available to the general public, but Oscar Mayer will be giving away just under 5,000 of the devices until April 4th and you could win one here. What guy wouldn't want to have that...heck, this could be great for couples too! Talk about waking up the right way, this is it!