Thanks to all who participated in the Two Truths and A Lie game answering questions about me and my life.  I'm glad to know that 56% of you knew the correct lie about me.  In case you haven't finished the quiz yet click here before you spoil the answers, then you can read more about the truths and lies.

First Truth - Eric answers to the name "Bacon."


This is true about me.  I do have a select few friends that still call me Bacon.  Why, you ask?  Well it doesn't have anything to do with my love for breakfast.  I actually am not much of a breakfast person.  It also is not a bandwagon thing, to join the ever changing Bacon craze that has hit merchandising on Internet websites like Archie McPhee.  No, as a matter of fact, the original spelling was "Baykin," and it was the first radio persona I used, starting in college.  I was Brad Baykin.  That later changed to Brad Bacon.  Now with all the cool Bacon items that have come out in the last 2 or 3 years, I'm always getting cool gifts, but this Bacon was here first.  By the way, in case you wondered, Eric Cornish is my given name.

Second Truth - The first CD I owned was by New Kids On The Block


Yes, unfortunately, this is the truth.  I'm sure from time to time, your grandparents gave you a gift that you had to smile and pretend you liked.  On my 10th birthday, my heart was warmed with a pair of socks and a jar of jelly from one grandma.  Well, on one Christmas, my other grandma, trying to be hip to the times, got me a CD of the hottest band around (which I'm sure she asked the clerk about).  Problem one - she didn't specify whether it was for a boy or girl.  Problem two - she didn't bother to find out that I didn't own a CD player yet...only tapes.  Problem three - it wasn't even their break-out album "Hangin' Tough," but their self-titled debut, which isn't nearly as good...Uh..I mean...I took that back to the store ASAP!

The Lie - Eric co-wrote a song recorded by Collin Raye


Sorry, this is not true, but I wish it was.  I dabbled in writing poems, that I hoped would be picked up by an artist like Collin Raye.  One thing Collin and I do share is our love for pro-wrestling, and I may not have written a song for him, but I have locked up in competition...and I won!  OK that's a lie too.

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