Redneck Olympics, most of us have heard of this and more often than not it is put on or hosted by a local radio station somewhere in the country. It generally involves events like lawn mower races, mud pit belly flops, the ever popular toilet seat horseshoes, wife carrying and bobbing for pig's feet and last month the folks in Hebron, Maine held their first annual Redneck Olympics and the USOC said not a chance. The U.S. Olympic committee contacted the organizers in maine and told them to cease and desist using the term 'Olympic' to describe their event. Just to make things clear, in 1978 Congress passed a law giving the USOC exclusive rights to the word 'Olympic' and all derivatives of the word. Mark Jones, a spokesman for the USOC said, "we have no interest in being the big bad guy that comes in and ruins everyone's fun, but it's important for us to protect this intellectual property." The organizers in Maine have said they plan to ignore the demand. The USOC threatened lawsuits in the past to other events using the 'Olympic' term. This seems rediculous and unfair. Surely, the USOC has bigger things to worry about than a bunch of guys belly flopping into a mud pit somewhere. How does this lessen the actual 'Olympic Games"? It doesn't. Your thoughts.


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