I was not aware that dodgeball was banned in many school districts across America.  Is Illinois dodging the ban?

I came across a video of this TikToker, Duke Gomez, saying he loved playing dodgeball in his middle school PE class.  His cousin, who is currently in middle school, asked what dodgeball was and the internet lost it.

You're probably also wondering... how does a middle schooler NOT know what dodgeball is?!  Uh, only the most iconic team sport in gym class!  It was a core memory in many of our childhoods.

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Well, today, we learn that dodgeball is actually banned across multiple school districts across America.

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C'mon now.  It built our character and strengthened our core! It was so satisfying to nail someone in the stomach with a ball and get them out.  Something about having perfect aim and showing off in front of other kids was a great feeling haha.

Times have definitely changed since I was in grade school, but now I'm wondering if Illinois school districts have banned dodgeball altogether.

Do Illinois Public Schools Ban Dodgeball From PE Classes?

From the amount of research I have done so far, I have yet to find a school district in Illinois that has completely banned dodgeball in gym classes.

In 2004, the states of Maine, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts and Utah all banned dodgeball from being played in schools.  It's basically part of a "Physical Education Hall of Shame" list that suggests this game could emotionally damage children.


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On the other side, dodgeball supporters "fear that banning it—as some districts have—is a sign of excessive coddling that creates gritless young adults ill-prepared for the demands of the real world."

What are your thoughts - do you wish dodgeball was banned in your child's school?

Here's the video I came across on TikTok.  Enjoy!

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