The opening ceremonies for the London Olympics on Friday were interesting and some parts were even very strange...what was up the giant baby formation? The pyrotechnics at the end were spectacular, but if you were paying attention, you saw something in the sky in the upper left portion of your screen. My wife and I noticed it immediately and thought it was very odd, but clearly visible... what was it?

The disc-shaped UFO appeared to have some sort of dome or bulge rising from the center of the craft and moved slowly left to right across your screen.

NBC Sports is using Goodyear Blimps for its Olympic aerial coverage, but the object seen above the fireworks was certainly not a blimp.

Earlier this year, former Ministry of Defense UFO desk officer Nick Pope wrote about a rumor that an alien attack would be staged at the London Olympic games, but it was just a rumor.

Some believe it was a hoax, some say it was the real deal, but most have no clue what it was. My wife and I had no clue what it was and certainly did NOT immediately think flying saucer. Keep in mind that UFO does not mean alien means unidentified flying object, which this certainly was. See two different videos below.