My favorite part of the Olympics really has nothing to do with athleticism. It's all about the drinking games:) My favorite is when you take a shot every time Andrea Mitchell asks a stupid question during an interview ( you can get pretty messed up during that one.)

Here’s another Olympic drinking game from Maxim. Instead of honoring athletic achievement, this one is more celebrity-centric.

It’s called “Celebrity Chugger,” and the rules are simple.

  • Take a drink every time you see one of those inspirational videos designed to make you feel like your life’s been a waste up to this point.
  • Take a drink of beer every time you spot a celebrity.
  • Chug two drinks if you spot a British celebrity; three if that celeb is named “Beckham.”
  • If the camera lingers on someone who is obviously a celebrity, but you have no clue who it is, down two drinks. (Then give yourself a pat on the back for not knowing who the “celeb” was.)
  • Take one shot if you spot a member of the extended royal family.
  • Take two shots if you spot the Queen.
  • Take three shots if you see Pippa Middleton’s butt. (You'd be surprised what they're showing!)
  • Punch yourself in the face for knowing so much about the royal family.

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