2017 has been a rough year on many retailers and businesses even here in the Tri-State, and 2018 might not be any better.

Tasos Katopodis, Getty Images

According to USA Today, "over 20 retail chains -- including Radio Shack, Toys R Us, and HHGregg -- filed for bankruptcy, and some were liquidated" in 2017. We have seen the effects of that throughout the Tri-State with stores like Radio Shack, K-Mart, and Gander Mountain all closing their doors.

It looks like there may be more stores that could struggle in the upcoming year. Some of these retailers have already filed for bankruptcy and have closed stores already. If 2018 is anything like 2017, these stores may very well be on "death watch."

1. Sears

2. Toys R Us

3. J.C. Penny

4. Claire's

5. Charlotte Russe

6. Barnes & Noble

7. Payless

8. GNC

9. Destination XL Group

10.Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores


Now, it is not certain that these stores will close their doors here in the Tri-State, however these companies need a lot of help to stay afloat at this rate. To find out why these stores and a few more are on "death watch," you can click on the link below.



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