I hope you took some time to enjoy the Spring-like weather we had over the past week or so because it's coming to a very wet end.

After 10 straight days of warmer temperatures and sunshine, which was a much-needed relief after the winter storm put us under a blanket of snow and below-freezing temperatures for several days, Mother Nature has decided our break is over and is getting ready to give us a thorough washing.

According to the National Weather Service in Paducah, a few rounds of heavy rain is expected to fall across the Tri-State beginning later this afternoon (Thursday, March 11th, 2021), and will continue off and on through Sunday night into Monday morning. When all is said and done, one to three inches of rain will have fallen on our heads.

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Where you live in the area will depend on how much you get. According to Wayne Hart with Eyewitness News, the models show the heaviest amounts falling in western Kentucky around the Madisonville area with just over 3.5 inches expected before it's all said and done. Those of us north of the Ohio River will hover around the 1.5 mark. Thanks to all that rain, the National Weather Service has also placed the entire area under a Flood Watch through Saturday afternoon.

If you've looked at the Ohio River lately, you know more water is NOT what it needs right now. Heavy precipitation on the east coast last week washed its way down to us causing flooding in several low lying areas like Waterworks Road which is currently underwater just before the main entrance to Marina Pointe (there is another entrance just before the flooding that allows access to the marina, tobacco shop, and restaurant).

The first round of rain also brings with it a possibility of thunderstorms along with a marginal risk for severe weather, mainly in southern Illinois with the main threat being damaging winds.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

[Source: National Weather Service, Paducah, KY]

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