We learned a big lesson on Wednesday morning about the importance of being prepared for any weather condition. Wednesday's tornado outbreak left a trail of death and destruction across seven states with Harrisburg, Illinois being the hardest hit. We also had tornadoes in Newburgh and Western Kentucky. WKDQ offers a free app for your phone that allows you to listen to WKDQ on your iPhone, iPod and Android phone wherever you are. If you lose power during a severe weather event, the RadioPup app could be a lifesaver as many listeners told us on Wednesday who have Radio Pup on their phone.

The entire Tri-State area is under an even greater risk for severe weather today than we were on Wednesday with the most dangerous window being between Noon and 5pm. Please, download RadioPup to your iPhone, iPod or Android phone now. It's a free app, find out how you can download it here. Be safe and prepared.

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