It's no secret that I have a history of challenging country artists to competitions with me, and Clayton Anderson was the latest to be called out.

It's been called the greatest streak in all of sports and entertainment. I am UNDEFEATED against country music artists. From Dylan Scott, to Jason Michael Carroll, everyone who has stepped up to the challenge has failed. At KC's Timeout Lounge, I took things a step further. I put my 4-0 winning streak on the line in front of a ruckus crowd, all rooting for Clayton Anderson.

After what seemed to be a grueling eternity of staring at each other, the streak lives on! Now 5-0 against country music artists, my only question is "Who's next?!"

I will say that if Clayton wants a rematch, I will be more than happy to grant him one. The reason behind that is because he started throwing out wresting references before the contests. Anyone who wants to call me Ric Flair is a worthy adversary in my book!

Check out the epic staring contest below:


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