We always try to introduce you to new music on 99.5 WKDQ, but we can’t put everybody on air. So, I decided to start spotlighting some of my favorite artists just for you! New artists, old artists, in between artists, local artists, I’ve got them all!

Clayton Anderson is a hometown Southern Indiana boy, originally from Bedford, IN. His story isn’t like most. Clayton grew up playing basketball, and as we all probably know, that’s the sport of choice here in Indiana. He didn’t even have anything to do with music until college when he realized his old tricks weren’t good enough to get the girls ;) He got into music just to have some fun. He played covers around the college scene in bars and at parties, but never really thought of it going anywhere. Instead, he followed his parents’ wishes and finished school, getting a degree in Business from Indiana University. Music became real to him in 2008, and Kenny Chesney was a big part of it. Kenny was running a contest called the “Next Big Star”, and after some encouragement from a landscaping client, Clayton decided to enter. He entered the contest in Cincinnati, got through to the Battle of the Bands round, and finally scored himself the slot of opening up for Kenny during his show.

Being able to work with Kenny Chesney from the get-go taught him a lot that some people aren’t ever given the opportunity to experience. That was all the encouragement Clayton needed, so he decided to run with it and head down to Nashville. Guess what, those “No Soliciting” signs posted actually mean NO SOLICITING. After hitting brick wall after brick wall, Clayton decided to head back home for a bit and work his way up. He started playing around the Big 10, the Southeast and Georgia before he finally met some people from Nashville that got him started on the right path.

What’s incredible to me is how much his music is spreading! I mean, people know who he is in places he’s never even been before. That’s one of the things Clayton is most thankful for. He depends on his fans to get him to where he needs to be, and so far, they’re doing a pretty good job! As of right now, Clayton is an independent artist, which makes his progress even more impressive. He recently released his album Right Where I Belong up against Cole Swindell’s and had it charting at number 4 on iTunes. If that wasn’t enough, let’s add on the fact that Billboard was calling him the very next day! One of the most nerve racking songs an artists will ever have the sing is hands down the National Anthem, and Clayton’s been fortunate enough to do it multiple times, most recently at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Now he might have some crazy fans out there, but he loves them all! One of the craziest things a fan has ever done includes a cruise ship, tee-shirts and Neil McCoy. He tells the story so much better than I ever could, so you’ll just have to listen to the interview posted below. I’m just saying… it’s probably best to NOT tick Neil McCoy off. He WILL find out what room you’re in and he WILL leak that information to everybody ;) If for some reason you’re feeling generous the next time you see him out, Clayton really enjoys fine bottles of bourbon. If that’s a little out of your price range though, a bottle of Redd’s Apple Ale works just fine. But let’s be real, if you don’t leave that cap on, chances are he won’t be drinking it. Can you blame him?! He has gotten some pretty cool gifts from fans in the past though. One gift that most people don’t think about are the everyday essentials. One fan brought him and the guys a bag of groceries because they knew what life on the road is like. Pretty thoughtful in my opinion!

Courtesy of Green Umbrella
Courtesy of Green Umbrella

Clayton’s hobbies range from hanging out in Nashville on his days off, to laying out on a boat in the middle of some lake, to playing basketball, to falling asleep in a tree stand. Ya never know what you’re gonna get with this one! In all seriousness, he does like to hunt, he just doesn’t necessarily have the patience for it. Bird hunting is his preference, but he’d do it all. As long as there’s a way for him to stay warm, we’re good! For most people, Sunday is considered a lazy day to lounge around and relax. Well, Clayton’s definitely not most people! Our Sunday is actually his Tuesday. He likes to take that time to unwind and catch up on his HBO. Missing out on Game of Thrones is NOT an option ;) On a personal level, Clayton’s favorite color is red and his favorite show growing up was Home Improvement, mainly because Pamela Anderson was on it, even though he’d deny that part ;) Favorite movie is a tossup between Tombstone and Brave Heart and if the distance he’s traveling is more than 5 hours, chances are you’ll find him on a plane. Clayton is a proud new uncle, so if he’s traveling to see his family, he’s traveling to see his beautiful baby niece.

Clayton has played here in the Tri-State multiple times, and is planning on coming back sometime this summer so be sure to stay connected with everything he’s has going on through FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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