WKDQ friend, Nashville recording artist and Bedford, IN native, Clayton Anderson posted a video on his Instagram to let his fans know he has tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19.

In the video he asks you to pray, not for him because he says he is feeling better since being diagnosed, but for his family because he has been spending a lot time with them. He also asks that you send positive vibes to his bandmates too.

He explains the he has been very careful wearing a mask, washing his hands, using hand sanitizer and social distancing, but somehow he got it anyway. Clayton reminds us to be careful, it’s still out there, don’t ashamed if you test positive, and be nice to those who are afraid and extra cautious.

A couple of few weeks ago, Clayton was on LIVE with Leslie on the WKDQ Facebook page. We talked about the new song he would be releasing that week, all the he had been up to since the last time we spoke. A little added bonus, my daughter and granddaughter showed up too. Take a look.

I love Clayton like a son and it hurt my heart think he has the virus. All my positive vibes, love and light and headed his way. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

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