Tony Bennett is a man that Frank Sinatra himself once called the 'greatest singer in the world'. There has never been anything like him in the history of the music business. Anyone who knows me knows how deep my love and appreciaion for country music goes, but Tony Bennett has always been one of my favorites. He recently released a duets album featuring some of music's biggest stars including country artists. That album was so successful, Bennett is about to release Duets Two featuring artists like Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood, Sheryl Crow and Faith Hill. The duet with Faith Hill is a song called 'The Way You Look Tonight" and is in a word, awesome. Hill and Bennett almost sound like they were made to sing together and when you take into account that Bennett is 85 years-old and still sounds like he did in the early years, makes this song even more incredible. Watch Faith Hill and Tony Bennett below.