May 31st is the day to celebrate the delicious (and trendy) sweet treat, the macaroon! But I've seen some confusion as to how you pronounce these sweet treats, so here's the scoop! 

You see, when people think of macaroons, they think of these delicious colorful cookies!

Collection of brightly colored French macarons on white background
Credit: Thinkstock

But typically macaroons actually look more like the photo below, and are made with coconut. The colorful cookies above are typically an almond macaron, and can be made into all kinds of crazy flavors. Here's an interesting article about each sweet treat!

Coconut Macaroon on Turquoise Background
Photo: Thinkstock

But the pronunciation is different for each of these things, you see they're similar because both cookies start off with a base of egg whites and sugar.

Here's a super quick video saying how each is pronounced:


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