Just a short drive from the tri-state in Cave City Kentucky is the Wigwam Village Inn #2, I've lived here my whole life and had no idea I was just a short drive from such a quirky place! 

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Google Maps

The Wigwam Village Inn #2 is a motel where you sleep in your very own wigwam for the night.  According to their website, there's a lot of history here!

The Wigwam Village Inn #2 began as a dream of Frank A. Redford in the early 1900s. Frank’s inspirations in this dream were a popular ice cream shop shaped like an upside down cone and authentic teepees he’d seen on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. His dream became reality in 1935 when construction on Wigwam Village #1 was completed in Horse Cave, Kentucky. Realizing he’d hit upon a popular idea, Frank patented the design with the US patent office in 1936.


Of the seven original Wigwam Villages, only three remain: #2 in Cave City, Kentucky, #6 in Holbrook, Arizona. and #7 in Riallto, California.  Wigwam Village #2 is an impressive sight and is truly a monument to one man’s American dream that came true. The main building, made up of 38 tons of concrete and 13 tons of steel, stands 52 feet high. It originally housed a restaurant and gift shop, but with the completion of Interstate 65 in the mid-60s, the restaurant was closed and this main building now houses a gift shop. Smaller wigwams on either side of the gift shop are public restrooms. Each of the remaining 15 buildings are bedrooms, complete with private bathrooms. 

When I checked Google Maps the Wigwam Village Inn is only about 2.5 hours from Evansville. So just a short drive from the tri-state! You may want to check it out for your next weekend getaway! It looks like the wigwams are situated around a playground, so it could be a fun weekend get away with the kids! Either way, it seems like it would be a fun quirky place to stay that would make you feel like you've gone back in time.

Check out their website here for pricing and booking info.

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