Being a new mom (and dad) can brings a kind of tired that you have never known. With my first baby, it feed for 20 minutes, sleep for 10 minutes. I thought, 'WTH, sleeps like a baby? Babies don't sleep!' Being someone who needs a lot of sleep, this new mom time in my life, just about drove me over the edge.

Well, now I feel stupid. You know the, 'Why didn't I think of that?' kinda stupid. This invention would have helped so much. A possible cure for a new mom's lack of sleep nightmare because of the seamless transition of holding your baby putting it to bed. You might get a little extra time to snooze. In the chair of course, but there are ties you are so sleepy you could sleep on a white rock driveway.

Introducing the Nursing Rocker!!

For some reason you can't get it on the shopping website, only the Canadian division of Wayfair, Oh well, it can be shipped across the border!!

It's priced at $1,069.99. That seems like a lot unless you have shouted, 'I WOULD GIVE MY RIGHT ARM FOR NAP!!'

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