A road in Indiana has a very strange hill that defies gravity. You've got to see this to believe it.

We have all driven on hilly roads before. You know that if you were to stop your car going uphill on a road and put it in neutral, the vehicle would roll backward, downhill, due to gravity. I think it's safe to assume that concept makes sense to everyone. It's gravity 101, and common sense. However, one road in Indiana defies that logic.

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Gravity Hill in Mooresville, Indiana

We all know that some "Stranger Things" occur in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. However, strange things are also happening in the very real town of Mooresville, Indiana. How strange are we talking? Well, in Mooresville, you just might see people with basketballs, cars parked in neutral, and even people holding bags of flour at the bottom of a hill which takes everything you know about gravity and throws it out the window. This hill seems to be pulling things uphill, against gravity.

Yes, you can put your car in neutral at the bottom of this hill, and rather than just staying put or rolling downhill, your car will actually be pulled uphill. You can also try this with a ball. Simply place a ball at the bottom of the hill, and watch in amazement as it rolls up the hill. See, I told you there were some "Stranger Things" going on here!

Gravity Hill, in Mooresville, Indiana, is just one of many Gravity Hills scattered all throughout the world. Much like the other Gravity Hills, the most logical explanation for this phenomenon is that it is an optical illusion (which will be explained in the video at the bottom of this article).  However, legend has it, there's much more at play when it comes to Gravity Hill. legends have a different explanation (of course, there is).

The Legend of Gravity Hill in Mooresville, Indiana

Could this really be an optical illusion, or is there something more mysterious at play here? According to AtlasObscura, there's an old legend among locals as to why you will find yourself being pulled uphill.

Legend has it that a school bus stalled at the bottom of this hill decades ago when it intersected with a railroad track, then was struck by an oncoming train, killing several riders. Nowadays, the locals will tell you that it’s the spirits of the children on that bus that push things uphill and out of harm’s way. They’ll even instruct you to sprinkle some flour on your bumper - in which the children’s fingerprints supposedly appear after you’ve been pushed to safety.

According to OnlyInYourState, that's not the only legend that could be responsible for this odd phenomenon on this road.

One tells of a Native American Witch Doctor who was buried at the foot of the hill, claiming his powerful energy still radiates from his grave. A similar version claims the force pushing your car is the spirit of an Indian Chief protecting the sacred burial ground of his tribe, which lies beneath Keller Hill.

Ghosts of children, Native American Which Doctor, an old Indiana Chief, or just an optical illusion. You be the judge as to what is behind the mysterious Gravity Hill in Mooresville.

How to Find Gravity Hill

You will find Gravity Hill on Keller Hill Rd/Co Rd 1200 N, a half-mile east of IN-25/N. Bethesda Rd or a half-mile west of IN-150/N. Bingham Rd. You'll see a telephone pole on the south side, set into some decorative rocks and small trees. Put your car in neutral there, and wait a moment for things to start happening. Please be careful when attempting this. Gravity Hill is on a very active road, so make sure no cars are around you, turn on your hazard lights, and if possible bring a “spotter” to stay on the lookout for oncoming cars.

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