There are so many bridges here in the Tri-State. From the Twin Bridges to the Blue Bridge, thousands of vehicles pass over them daily. Maybe you know some folks who are a little weary about crossing those bridges. You might joke with them about it or not understand why. However, their fear of bridges is real, and I think a lot more of us should be afraid of them after this.

According to NBC News,"More than 50,000 bridges across the U.S. are falling apart and endangering drivers." 50,000! That's a pretty high number! Makes you wonder if any of those bridges are here in the Tri-State. I mean, look how often they are constantly working on the Twin Bridges...they are working on them for a reason. Kind of a scary thought! Now, I am not saying that any of the Tri-State bridges fall under this category, however, a number that high makes you wonder....

Check out the information in this video and then tell me that you aren't somewhat concerned when driving across any of the bridges here in the Tri-State!



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